Cessation Resources for Staten Island

College of Staten Island
Nicotine Patch and gum are available at no cost to students as long as supplies last.
Wellness Drop in Center 1c-111

Employee Smoking Cessation Program (ESCAPE)
This program is a personalized and confidential service for New York City employees who would like to quit smoking. Support is provided by experienced Tobacco Treatment Specialists in person or by phone. 212.676.2393 and www.nyc.gov

Staten Island University Hospital
This free program provides information and strategies needed to direct efforts to quit. As well, it focuses on development of coping techniques to better manage the physiological and psychological aspects of the addiction to tobacco. 256 Mason Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10305

New York State Smokers’ Quitline
1866-NY- Quits (697-8487)/ nysmokefree.com
NYC Quits Text Message Support Program Text NYCQUITS to 877877 for free supportive text messages to help you quit smoking and stay smoke-free Richmond University Medical Center
For more information, call Nancy Rooney, RN, CTTS at (718) 818-2391.
NYU For more information, contact (646) 501-2899 or info.nyctt@nyumc.org.

American Cancer Society
Fresh Start Program
Referral to local quit group, “Free Nicotine Replacement Therapy” available and educational material
173 Old Town Road, SI, NY 10305